Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1--"My daddy's spaghetti"

Ok so next time I'll work on my presentation a little bit. Truth is that Andy took the best looking plate before I could take a picture.
So I used the half the box of garlic bread (1.98 for the whole box), the 2lbs of stew meat, and the mushroom pieces I bought today.  I added some chopped onions and bell pepper from the freezer and some pantry items:
 Gotta love the store brand!

My total (and I'm estimating the cost of the pantry items that were purchased 2 weeks ago sorry...I'll start writing the cost on the packages from now on) was roughly $12.20.  This gave us 4 servings (since Nick eats half a serving and Andy eats 1 and a half) plus lunch for Andy and I tomorrow and a whole meal of leftovers for the freezer. Add the remaining half box of bread and more pasta and it comes to a whopping cost of $1.37 per serving. Again I had to estimate the cost of the pantry items but I know even if it was more than I estimated there is no way that it was more than $2 per serving. Try to get that at an Italian restuarant!

YAY ME!!!!!!

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