Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 6-- "White Beans & Sausage"

One summer I was a weekday "live in" nanny for my mom's friend. She would fix white beans & sausage and I loved it! I have never liked red beans & rice so I was shocked that I like it so much. Many many years later I saw a box at the store of seasoning mix. I tried it and I liked it. More importantly Andy liked it. So I kept making it.

Although the box mix is a bit expensive, I use only 2 tbsp and so the box lasts me a long time.

No..I don't use cajun sausage.  If I wasn't on a tight budget I would. But since this brand is more than half the cost of the cajun brands, it works for me.

Well I went to the pantry for my box and cornbread mix and realized I used it last week! So I am very glad I had corn meal! I think I just may start making it from scratch from now on. It was a little dry (or so said Andy...I think its because I never measure my milk when I use the blue box kind and this time I measured it). Wasn't dificult at all and tastes just as good!

Nick's dinner

Sausage: regularly $3.97 on sale for $2.27
2 cans white beans: FFP $0.75 each so $1.50
Seasoning: $0.60
Rice: FFP. maybe $0.20 (see Wednesday's post about the BOGOF rice)
Cornbread: $0.40 + 1 egg ($0.11)and 1 cup of milk($0.10)=$0.61

Of course since the main ingredient is beans, Nick does not eat this. So he ate the pizza that Andy had bought for new year's ever.
Pizza: $2.00(?)
Total meal: $7.18   Per serving: $0.87 for the white beans and sausage and $2.00 for Nick's. There is enough white beans for lunch leftovers.

Now someone pass the Beano! It's gonna be a wild night!

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  1. lol on the wild night, but check your last line or so ever should be eve lol.

    and you are most welcome lol