Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3--"Oven Fried Pork Chops, Mac & Cheese, & Roasted Carrots"

Who needs shake n' bake when you have bread crumbs?

I know...this was last night's meal. But once dinner was done and the kitchen was clean, it was 8pm and Tuesdays are Family Movie Night so I could not get on. 

I found some seasoned bread crumbs and a box (blecht) of mac & cheese in the pantry.  I'm kinda glad I had a box because I wasn't feeling up to making M&C from scratch.
 Mama made some carrots "last night" and had some left. Since they looked so delish on her site I had to try it out. You'll have to go to her site to find out the details...unless she posts it in the comments....

Here are the pork chops. I dipped them in milk and then dredged them in the bread crumbs that I had added a bit more seasoning. Then I sprayed with vegetable oil nonstick spray. Then I baked them.

So the break down for "tonight's" meal....Mac& Cheese and bread crumbs were in the pantry. The store brand M&C was 1.57 (I remember that price because I argued with Andy that I can buy a block of store brand velveeta cheese and a bag of store brand pasta & make homemade mac&cheese for less per serving and meal!). The bread crumbs were less than $2 (I'm pretty sure). The milk, well I didn't even use a cup so that was probably about .10 (if that). The carrots were FREE!!! Thanks to Mama and Daddy. (LOVE YALL).  The family pack of pork chops cost 8.69 and I split that into 2 meals. So they cost 4.35 for this meal.  Total for this meal: $9.06 (if that!)   Per serving: $2.01. I split it into 4.5 meals because I have leftovers for lunch "tomorrow".

No more using shake and bake when I can make it cheaper!
Oh and check on Monday's post for the edited version with the costs if you haven't already.


  1. looks good! how did you like the carrots? weren't they amazing?

    Now where is tonights meal? roflol

  2. Delish! Loved them loved them. Even good for lunch today!