Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little bit about us

I will start off by introducing us to you:

This is Nick. He is almost 8 and one of the MOST pickiest eaters ever known to moms. No vegetables. Won't eat rice or potatoes (except for french fries). Has serious texture issues. Fall back food: Chicken Nuggets. And just when you think "he won't eat that", he surprises everyone and does. But it will probably only be that once. When I can get him to eat gravy or any type of sauce, I have to pick out every seasoning, onion, or any other vegetable that may be in it.

This is Alexis. She is 11 going on 16! She claims she is not a "girly" girl but we all know the truth. As much as Nick is a picky eater, Alexis is the COMPLETE  opposite. There is nothing that has ever been put in front of her that she has not tried. She first ate sushi  and calamari at 6, lobster at 7, sardines and alligator at 10. The only thing that she will not eat if placed in front of her is cauliflower. Raw or cooked. She claims it is "the most disgusting thing God ever created." She LOVES broccoli and asparagus and also eats brussel sprouts. So if she is ever at your house she will eat whatever you cook....unless its cauliflower.

This is Andy. He is picky also but definitely not as bad as Nick. He does not eat leftovers so he will be the main reason for any failure in my mission. Nothing is every spicy enough. One good thing is that he will usually say "its good" but the next time I cook it he says "I didn't like it the first time you made it." He always wants variety but rarely likes anything I try new. Tried and true fallback option: buffalo wings.

You didn't think I'd actually put a picture of me on here did you? I wanted you to be able to see yourself in me when you read this blog (maybe at the end of the year I will be ready to post a pic of me and all the money I've saved). I would say that my eating preferences lie closer to Alexis's than to Andy's and definitely no where near Nick's. I am all for leftovers or "repurposing" some of Monday's leftovers for dinner on Friday. I miss most of the meals that my family ate during my childhood (except for SOS blecht!) but only Alexis would eat most of them.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoy your visit!

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  1. What a great first post! Now I expect to see many more and I will even link to you from my regular blog and my cooking blog. How is that for promotion by mommy? lol