Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 4--"Chicken Fricassee"

Ok...I apologize for the lack of pictures for this one. I realized I had not taken any pics while I was plating my food!

So tonight will be short and sweet...LOL!

Rice: FFP. I bought it 2 weeks ago when it was "BOGO free" I got 2 med sized bags for about $2. Used maybe .20 worth?
Cream style corn: purchased Sunday. Store brand regularly .82 on sale for .55
Onions and peppers: FFP. Bought 3 weeks ago for $1.60 for the whole bag. I used like .20 worth
Chicken bouillion: 2.65 found in the Mexican section on Sunday. It was cheaper than the one found in the regular section of the store. I used 2 tbsp which comes out to be .14
Chicken thighs: remember I said this was my wonderful buy of .57/lb and tonight I used almost 2 lbs. $1.12

Tonight's total: $2.21      Per serving: $0.55! Yes that is correct! Less than a dollar a serving! I knew I should have bought more of those thighs!

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  1. You are not ahead of me, we are even. I posted last nights (Wednesday) before you so :P back at ya lol. love ya