Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 2--"Hamburgers with Zesty Curly Fries"

So I was half way home from work when I realized that my paperwork with my receipt and notes was in my desk.  I'll edit and update the costs on everything tomorrow.

So here is a breakdown on tonight's dinner:

The lettuce, tomato and ground beef was purchased yesterday.  All of which make a comeback on Thursday night in the form of Tacos.  So half the tomato and a third of the lettuce was used tonight.  The package of ground beef was split into 3 meals: Hamburgers tonight, Tacos Thursday, and who knows next week.  Maybe I can get Alexis to make her homemade Sloppy Joe's.  We haven't used a can or jar mix since she first made them.  They are THAT good! (Oh...I formed the patties last night and wrapped them in plastic wrap.)

Realized after the hamburgers were ready that I forgot to put the buns in the "purchased items" pic.
Already had theses items in the FFP.  I will buy store brand items for almost everything.  I tried store brand "Miracle Whip" but I ended up throwing the jar away because I could not get over the first taste.  There was no comparison.

I bought this platter about 5 years ago and have only used it maybe 4 times.  I had to bring it out for some presentation pictures.  If you can't tell, its a hamburger! Cute!
The cost of dinner and the per serving price will have to wait until tomorrow night when I have all my notes and can sit down. 

Every now and then I have a moment of pure genius-ness.  I talked about bagged lettuce cost in comparison to the cost of a head of lettuce. I decided why "throw" money away when I have a food scale? DUH!  So I busted it out and this is what I have so far:

12.5oz of useless lettuce (and that does NOT include the plate).
7.5 oz of usable lettuce (once again not including the bowl)
So the cost of the lettuce was....well I'm not sure because like I said the receipt is at work. Tomorrow I will edit this section to show the cost of the whole head of lettuce and obviously since more 60% of the head was tossed right off the bat, it may be more cost effective to get bagged lettuce.

This is what the platter looks like.

Now I do have to warn you: not all posts will be as long as last night's (thank God right?) and not all will be as short as tomorrow's (Tuesdays are Family Movie Night). But I will promise you this: I will try my hardest to post something.    Stay tuned!

Ground beef: $2.25
Hamburger buns: $1.13 but we only used half the pack so it comes to $0.57
Cheese: FPP. Andy bought brand name last week (shame on him!) so it was probably over $3 for 24 slices. I used 4 slices. I will estimate it to be $0.50.
Tomato: $1.39 and I used half so $0.70
Onion: FFP. Maybe $0.40
Fries: FFP. I'll estimate $3
Lettuce: $1.58. Now remember I tossed 60% of it away. I only kept 7 oz and split that between tonight and Thursday so for 3.5oz $0.79

Total: $8.21.  Per Serving: $2.05.  That is for hamburger and fries. How long as it been since you've paid that at the King's or Ronald's place?

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  1. ok i want to know how you manage to get more then 5 pictures in a post ???? Cute platter btw.