Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 7--"Hot Dogs w/chips and S'mores" Scratch THAT! :(

Family Game Night!

Ok so remember how on Sunday I said I had forgotten to get the hot dogs and buns? Well since it is sooooo cold here right now, I decided to NOT go to the store and just heat up some gumbo my daddy gave me.

THEN I got a call from Andy saying that our friend's daughter wanted to know if she could come sleep and that gumbo just would not work because that's what he ate for lunch (well we didn't eat gumbo and I think majority rules! But then again Nicolas would be on his side because he doesn't like gumbo so it was a moot point).

When Andy got home he said, "uh Robert said maybe we could go eat at Buffalo's, watch half the game, and then come home. What do you think?"  Hmmmmm.....well that is not in my plans for the week, month, or year. So what do YOU think I think? I'm not too happy about it. Besides I'm trying to plan out my menu and grocery list for next week. Then again, that would give me another example of why you should not eat out. I can get a price listing and compare the cost of eating out to making it at home. I find it quite sickening how much money restaurants make off of us just because its "convenient" to eat out. And I do have 3 extra meals of meat PLUS a night of "My daddy's spaghetti" in the fridge. Besides, its HIS money, not mine. LOL

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